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Integrated Device Technology (IDT)

Location: San Jose, CA, USA

Acquired by Renesas Electronics Corporation (2019)



Analog gas sensors (SGAS) solid-state in TO-4 package

SGAS701 (trace Hydrogen gas sensor #MOx, range: 10–1000 ppm)

SGAS711 (flammable gases, Methane, Propane, Hydrogen, LPG sensor #MOx, range: 10–1000 ppm)

Technology originally developed and manufactured by Synkera (acquired by IDT in 2016)

Digital gas sensors (ZMOD) MEMS

3.0 x 3.0 x 0.7 mm3 (standard version) 12-pin LGA package #JEDEC #JESD47

ZMOD4410 (for IAQ, VOCs, #MOx, 10+ years of life)

ZMOD4510 (for outdoor AQ, Nitrogen dioxide and Ozone, #MOx, VOCs, 10+ years of life)

ZMOD4450 (for refrigeration AQ, measurement of gases associated with food ripening and storage at trace (ppb) concentrations, including ethylene, amines, volatile sulfur compounds and others, #MOx, 10+ years of life)

available in #IP67-rated waterproof/dust-proof package

Relative Humidity sensors

HS4101 (Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor, Analog Output, ±1.5% RH, ±0.2 C)

HS4001 (Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor, Digital Output, ±1.5% RH, ±0.2 C)

HS3101 (Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor with Membrane, ±1.5% RH, ±0.2 C) #IP67

HS3001 (High-Performance Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor, ±1.5% RH, ±0.2 C)

Temperature sensors

TS5111 (for DDR5 Memory Modules, 0.5 C accuracy with 0.25 C resolution)

TSE2002GB2A1 (with Integrated EEPROM for Memory, up to +/-0.5 C accuracy)

TSE2004GB2C0 (DDR4 Temp Sensor with SPD, up to +/-0.5 C accuracy)

Thermopile CO2 Detectors TO-5 package Silicon Based

RTD120 (single-channel) and RTD120D (dual-channel)

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