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Location: Kyoto, Japan



Gas Analyzers

Nitrogen Oxides (NO, NO2, NOx and N2O)

APNA-370 Ambient NOx Monitor (range: 0–1 to 10 ±1% ppm NO, NO2 and NOx) #chemiluminescence U.S. EPA designation #RFNA-0506-157


APNA-370/CU-2 Ambient Ammonium Monitor (range: 0–1 to 10 ±2% ppm NH3; LoD: 5 ppb; measures increased NOx converted NH3 through oxidation catalyst treatment) -> oxidation catalyst + #chemiluminescence

Sulfur Dioxide

APSA-370 Ambient Sulfur Dioxide Monitor (range: 0–0.5 to 10 ±1% ppm SO2) #fluorescence

Hydrogen Sulfide

APSA-370/CU-1 Ambient Hydrogen Sulfide Monitor (range: 0–1 ±3% ppm H2S; LoD: 2 ppb; measures SO2 converted H2S through oxidation catalyst treatment) -> oxidation catalyst + #fluorescence

Total Hydrocarbon

APHA-370 THC Analysator (range: 0–50 ±1% ppm H2S; LoD: 0.022 ppm; measures THC, CH4 and NMHC) #FID requires H2 as the fuel gas for the FID

Carbon Monoxide

APMA-370 Ambient Carbon Monoxide Monitor (range: 0–50 to 200 ±1% ppm CO) #NDIR Certified to U.S. EPA Reference Method #RFCA

Carbon Dioxide

APCA-370 Ambient Carbon Dioxide Monitor (range: 0–500 to 1000 ±1% ppm CO2; LoD: 0.5 ppm) #NDIR


APOA-370 Ambient Ozone Monitor (range: 0–1 to 10 ±1% ppm CO2; LoD: 0.5 ppm) #UV Certified to U.S. EPA Reference Method #EQOA-0506-160


VA-5000 (Siloxane) Siloxane Analyzer (range: 0–50 ±1% ppm; LoD: 0.1 ppm) #NDIR also available to measure carbon dioxide (0–50 vol.%) and methane (0–100 vol.%) at the same time as siloxane

Hydrogen Chloride

TX-100 Tunable Laser Gas Analyzer (range: 0–50 to 500 ±1% ppm HCl and 0–50 to 50 ±2% vol.% H2O) #NDIR laser and receiver are installed at the same side of the stack

Multi-Component Gas Analyzers

51 series Explosion-proof Gas Analyzer (Includes EIA/TIA/TCA/MPA/PMA-51d, EIA/TIA/TCA/MPA-51p, ; suitable flammable gases or explosive environments; CO, CO2, NO, SO2, CH4 and other organic gases including C2H2, C2H6, C3H4, C3H6, C3H8, CH3ONO and C2H3Cl) #NDIR complies with #IEC60079

VA-5000 / VA-5000WM Series Multi-Component Gas Analyzer (with up to 4 detector modules within a single case for CO, CO2, CH4, N2O, NO, SO2, NH3, NOx, O2, Siloxane measurement)

PLGA-1000 Process Laser Gas Analyzer (0–2000 ppm or 0–5 vol.% CH4, 0–50 vol.% C2H6, 0–50 ppm C2H2, 0–200 ppm CO2; accuracy for all: ±1.0 % full scale) #NDIR HORIBA's proprietary IRLAM™ (InfraRed Laser Absorption Modulation) technology

GA-370 Trace Gas Monitor (for CO, CO2 and CH4; range: 0–10 ±2% ppm CO2; LoD: 10 ppb) #NDIR

ENDA-5000 series Stack Gas Analysis System (for NOx, SO2, CO, CO2 and O2 measurement)

PG-300 series Portable Gas Analyzer (can simultaneously measure up to five separate gas components: (0–2500 ppm NOx, 0–3000 ppm SO2, 0–5000 CO, 0–30 vol.% CO2, 025 vol.% O2 and 0–5000 ppm CH4 measurement)

PM Analyzers

TSP, PM10 and PM2.5

PX-375 Continuous Particulate Monitor

with #XRayFluorescence element analyzer & #BetaAttenuation mass analyzer unit (range: 0–1000 ±2% ug/m3; LoD: 4 ug/m3; Standard detectable elements: S, Ti, Cr, Mn, Ni, Cu, Zn, Pb, Al, Si, K, Ca, V, Fe, As) with CMOS camera to observe collected particulate sample on the filter

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