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Nano Environmental Technology S.r.l. (N.E.T.)

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Location: Milan, Italy



IREF PRO (for SF6 and refrigerant gases), IFP32-xxxx

IREF-LITE (for A2L refrigerant leak detection), IFL32-xxxx

IRNET-PRO 20mm and 30mm (for CO2, methane, propane and HCs), INP20-xxxx, INP32-xxxx

IRNEx-PRO (for CO2, methane, propane and HCs) #ATEX #IECEx

Safety line

Oxygen sensors

NT-O2-A2 (0–25 %vol; 2 yr; Alphasense for NET), NT-O2-A3 (0–25 %vol; 3 yr; Alphasense for NET), NT-O2-SLI3 (0–25 %vol), NT-O2-SLF (0–25 %vol; lead-free)

Carbon Monoxide sensor

NT-CO-SLI1000 (0–1000 ppm)

Nitric Oxide sensor

GS+4NO (0–1000 ppm)

Premium line

Ammonia sensors

NT-NH3-PL300 (0–300 ppm), NT-NH3-PL1000 (0–1000 ppm), NT-NH3-PL5000 (0–5000 ppm)

Nitrogen Dioxide sensors

NT-NO2-PL30 (0–30 ppm), NT-NO2-PL10 (0–10 ppm)

Chlorine sensors

NT-CL2-PL10 (0–10 ppm), NT-CL2-PL05 (0–5 ppm)

Hydrogen Sulfide sensors

NT-H2S-PL100 (0–100 ppm), NT-H2S-PL100-HT (0–100 ppm; high temperature), NT-H2S-PL20-HT (0–20 ppm; high temperature)

Sulfur Dioxide sensors

NT-SO2-PL20 (0–20 ppm), NT-SO2-PL100 (0–100 ppm)

Carbon Monoxide sensor

NT-CO-PL1000 (0–1000 ppm)

Formaldehyde sensor

NT-CH20-PL10 (0–10 ppm)

Ethylene sensor

NT-C2H4-PL100 (0–100 ppm)

Hydrogen Peroxide sensor

NT-H2O2-PL300 (0–300 ppm)

Nitric Oxide sensor

NT-NO-PL300 (0–300 ppm)

Ozone sensor

NT-O3-PL10 (0–10 ppm)

SHM/SHP Pellistors (for hydrogen, methane and other hydrocarbons), NP-xxxx

SMM Pellistors (for hydrogen, ammonia, methane and combustible gases) #LEL NP-xxxx

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