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Alphasense Electrochemical Sensors

Updated: Jan 31


NH3-B1, NH3-AF Ammonia Sensors (NH3)

CO-D4X (low hydrogen cross sensitivity), CO-D4 (filtered), CO-CX (combustion, low hydrogen sensitivity), CO-CF (combustion, filtered), CO-CE (combustion, high concentration), CO-BX (low hydrogen sensitivity), CO-B4 (4-electrode, low ppb), CO-AX (low hydrogen sensitivity), CO-AF (filtered), CO-AE (filtered, high concentration), CO-A4 (4-electrode, low ppb), CO-H4 (miniature, filtered), CO-H4X (miniature, low hydrogen cross sensitivity) Carbon Monoxide Sensors (CO)

COH-A2, H2S/CO-D2 (miniature), COH-H (miniature) Carbon Monoxide & Hydrogen Sulphide Dual Sensors (CO & H2S)

Cl2-D4, Cl2-B1, Cl2-A1, Cl-H4 (miniature) Chlorine Sensors (CL2)

SOH-A2 Hydrogen Sulphide & Sulphur Dioxide Sensors (H2S & SO2)

ETO-B1, ETO-A1 Ethylene Oxide Sensors (ETO, C2H4O)

H2-BF, H2-AF Hydrogen Sensors (H2)

HCL-B1, HCL-A1 Hydrogen Chloride Sensors (HCL)

HCN-D4 (4-pin), HCN-B1, HCN-A1, HCN-H4 (miniature) Hydrogen Cyanide Sensors (HCN)

H2O2-B1, H2O2-A1 Hydrogen Peroxide Sensor

H2S-D4, H2S-BH (high sensitivity), H2S-BE (high concentration), H2S-B4 (4-electrode, low ppb), H2S-B1 (unfiltered), H2S-AH (high sensitivity), H2S-AE (high concentration), H2S-A4 (4-electrode, low ppb), H2S-A1 Hydrogen Sulphide Sensors (H2S)

NO-D4, NO-B4 (4-electrode, low ppb), NO-B1 (filtered), NO-AE (high concentration), NO-A4 (4-electrode, low ppb), NO-A1, NO-H4 (miniature) Nitric Oxide Sensors (NO)

NO2-D4, NO2-B43F (4-electrode, low ppb), NO2-B1 (unfiltered), NO2-AE (high concentration), NO2-A43F (4-electrode, low ppb), NO2-A1, NO2-H4 (miniature) Nitrogen Dioxide Sensors (NO2)

OX-B431 (4-electrode, low ppb), OX-A431 (4-electrode, low ppb), O3-AH Ozone Sensors (O3)

PH3-BE (high concentration), PH3-B1, PH3-A1 Phosphine Sensors (PH3)

SO2-D4, SO2-BF (filtered), SO2-BE (high concentration), SO2-B4 (4-electrode, low ppb), SO2-AF (filtered), SO2-AE (high concentration), SO2-A4 (4-electrode, low ppb), SO2-H4 (miniature) Sulphur Dioxide Sensors (SO2)

SOH-A2 Sulphur Dioxide & Hydrogen Sulphide Dual Sensors (SO2 & H2S)

VOC-B4, VOC-A4 Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)

#galvanic O2-G2 (2 year), O2-G1 (1 year), O2-C2 (combustion, 2 year), O2-A3 (3 year), O2-A2 (2 year), O2-A1 (1 year), #amperometric LFO2-A4 (lead free, long life) Oxygen Sensors (O2)

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